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QL Electronic Shift & Throttle Control System can be used on most mechanically governed engines on the market. The concept with ECU’s and actuators as stand alone units ensures a high level of flexibility when mounting the system in a boat. The philosophy behind CAN bus serial systems is that you can run all information on the cable network in one wire offering a significant benefit in comparison to analogue systems. This gives the opportunity to add helms to the system in a very easy way to fit most installations. All components are plug-and-play with just an easy initial calibration to start up the system.

CAN bus communication
CAN stands for Controller Area Network and describes a way of communication between electronic devices, in this system called ECU’s, where serial data is distributed on one single cable. In a basic QL control system there are two ECU’s:
– One ECU in the engine room, called PCU (Powertrain Control Unit) to control the engine and transmission via the two actuators.
– One ECU at the helm station, called HCU (Helm Control Unit) to interface the control head, startlock and the main panel.
Adding another helm, e.g. on the flybridge is very easy since all information is already is available on the CAN bus, just add a y-connector on the CAN bus and connect another HCU with helm components.

PartNo Description 3884416 3884417 3884418 3884419 Price (EUR)
21429303 Single installation, main bridge          0,00
Engine/drive: All
21429304 Single installation, secondary bridge          0,00
Engine/drive: All
21429305 Twin installation, main bridge          0,00
Engine/drive: All
21429306 Twin installation, secondary bridge          0,00
Engine/drive: All
874676 Cable harness, control head  100,13
Engine/drive: All
3884221 HCU  1 300,00
Engine/drive: All
3884109 Cable harness, start lock  217,50
Engine/drive: All
21182016 Buzzer  45,13
Engine/drive: All
40005635 Main panel  373,75
Engine/drive: All
40005636 Main panel  435,00
Engine/drive: All
21428968 PCU  0,00
Engine/drive: All
3884108 Cable harness, power supply and actuators  603,75
Engine/drive: All
21146097 Actuator  0,00
Engine/drive: All
3588972 Y-split cable  93,00
Engine/drive: All
3886666 Cable harness, multi link  138,75
Engine/drive: All

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