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Volvo Penta Exploded view / schematic Longblock

5.0GXiE-JF, 5.0GXiE-J, 5.0OSiE-JF, 5.0OSiE-J, 5.0GXiE-K, 5.0GXiE-KF, 5.0GXiE-M, 5.0GXiE-MF

Exploded view / schematic

# Description PartNo. Qty Price/each (EUR)
1 Engine  3862057 Contact us
  Image is a generic picture of longblock, details about included parts are in parts bulletin.
1     Out of production
  Variably replaced, see below
1 Longblock engine  3801407 7 410,00
  Use to repair non-compliant engines